Best Coffee Roasters in California

This is our list of the best coffee roasters in California in 2022.

There are 30 coffee farms in California. Yes, it may be impossible to believe, but some coffee is produced in the mainland United States.

In 2018, 1 pound of California-grown coffee was selling for $60, and the price of one cup was $18, but this did not hinder coffee connoisseurs—it sold out in two weeks.

While the California coffee industry picks up the pace, let's take a look at where to buy the freshest beans from countries like Ethiopia, Colombia, or Costa Rica.

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The Best Coffee Roasters in California

To make it easier for you to choose from the best specialty coffee roasters in California, we have highlighted their key features. Also, we found the best pick from each roaster so you can start getting to know them. Let's take a closer look.


lifeboost medium roast

Lifeboost coffee is one of the healthiest and smoothest coffees we've ever tried. Its ultra-low acidity is ideal for people with stomach or digestive problems. Combine this with a rich, full-bodied taste, and Lifeboost coffee is a pleasure that you will look forward to every day.

Key Features
• 100% natural inadvertent low acid Arabica beans
• USDA organic, mycotoxin and pesticide free certified
• All roasts available

Equator Coffees photo

Location: San Rafael, CA

Certifications: Organic, fair trade, Rainforest Alliance, Swiss Water Decaf

Shipping: Via UPS and USPS. Free from $30 in the US. Delivery to the US and worldwide.

Whole or Ground: Both

  • Overview

  • The Coffees

  • Roasting & delivery

Equator Coffees was founded in 1995 in Marin County by three women. Before starting to roast coffee, the women decided to get to know green coffee suppliers and select the best options.

In 2003, they opened their roasting shop in San Rafael, CA, where it is located to this day. Their first café opened in 2013, and in 2016 the company won the "National Small Business of the Year" award.

Equator Coffees now has 8 cafés in western California. The company supports improving the quality of life in coffee-growing regions, in the tradition of fair trade.

Verve Coffee Roasters

Location: Santa Cruz, CA

Certifications: Organic, Swiss Water Decaf

Shipping: Via UPS and USPS. Free from $35 in the US. Delivery to the US and worldwide.

Whole or Ground: Both

  • Overview

  • The Coffees

  • Roasting & delivery

In 2007, two coffee enthusiasts, Ryan and Colby, built and opened the first Verve café on 41st Avenue in Santa Cruz, California.

Today, Verve has shops in cities from Los Angeles to San Francisco and even in Japan.

The company is best known for its Farmlevel initiative. This is a way to support small farmers by giving increased wages for their labor. This gives the farmers more motivation to supply the company with quality coffee. In 2021, Forbes wrote an article about Verve and their Farmlevel initiative.

Klatch Coffee photo

Location: Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Certifications: Organic, fair trade, direct trade, Swiss Water Decaf

Shipping: Via UPS and USPS. Free from $50 in the US. Delivery to the US and worldwide.

Whole or Ground: Both

  • Overview

  • The Coffees

  • Roasting & delivery

Klatch Coffee has extensive experience in coffee roasting and preparation. This coffee company began in 1993 as a small coffee shop in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. The company did not open new coffee shops but focused on finding the best coffee beans and expanding its service.

In addition to coffee, Klatch sells coffee equipment and gifts, and offers two coffee subscriptions.

Klatch Coffee was honored with the "Micro Roaster of the Year" award in 2009, earned "Best Espresso in the World" at the World Barista Championship in 2007, and was also honored in 2014 as "Coffee of the Year" by Coffee Review.

Temple Coffee Roasters photo

Location: Sacramento, CA

Certifications: Swiss Water Decaf

Shipping: Via UPS and USPS. Free from $25 in the US. Delivery to the US and worldwide.

Whole or Ground: Both

  • Overview

  • The Coffees

  • Roasting & delivery

Temple's first coffee shop opened in 2005 in Sacramento. Its founder is barista Sean Kohmescher, who was inspired to create a coffee temple while traveling in Southeast Asia.

Temple Coffee Roasters has since become a symbol of coffee culture in downtown Sacramento. The company now has 7 coffee shops in and around Sacramento.

Sightglass Coffee photo

Location: San Francisco, CA

Certifications: Organic

Shipping: Via USPS Priority. Free from $35. Delivery to the US only.

Whole or Ground: Both

  • Overview

  • The Coffees

  • Roasting & delivery

Sightglass was opened in 2009 by two brothers, Jerad and Justin Morrison. In the beginning, it was a small rickety service cart in San Francisco's SoMa district. The brothers brewed coffee in a Chemex and a vintage espresso machine.

Two years later, the company took over a nearby warehouse, which became a coffee roasting station, coffee shop, and headquarters all in one.

Sightglass now has a second coffee shop in Los Angeles. The company runs courses on barista skills.

How Can I Find Specialty Coffee In California?

Coffee isn't just a drink—it's a whole world of vivid taste sensations.

One of the main factors that impacts coffee is the freshness of the beans. Beans stay fresh for two months after roasting, but finding fresh coffee in stores can be difficult.

There's a solution: Buy specialty coffee in California from local roasters.

Roasters' goal is to create a product that will help you experience all the facets of the coffee's taste.

Local roasters select the most interesting, aromatic, delicious varieties from North and South America, Africa, India, Indonesia, and other coffee-producing corners of the world. Then they blend and roast the beans.

To give your cup of joe notes of caramel, chocolate, nougat, cookies, berries, flowers, or citrus, coffee roasters experiment with roast profiles and degrees of roasting. They highlight the beans' strengths and mask their weaknesses.

Unlike large coffee producers, local roasters work directly with farmers.

Their main priority is the quality of the coffee. This is why local roasters work with reliable suppliers. They support the best manufacturers with a transparent and fair supply chain.

What does this mean? The farmers get a great price for their coffee, and you get the best product.

How can you buy beans from local coffee roasters?

If you find a roaster near your home, you can buy beans they day they're roasted.

Small-batch production means you always get fresh coffee. Beans are usually roasted twice a week and are immediately shipped to fulfill orders.

Many roasters allow you to subscribe to a coffee delivery plan. Every month, the right amount of your favorite beans will arrive at your doorstep. will help you find the best coffee roasters among the huge number of offers in California.

You Can Contribute!

There is a wide range of coffee roasters in California. While we reviewed our favorite roasters, there's always a chance we missed some good ones.

If you have favorites and want to share, leave a comment below. We'd love for you to give us the name of your favorite California coffee roaster and their best coffee so we can give it a try!

This way, you can become part of our coffee community and contribute to the improvement of the coffee roasting industry.

We'd also love for you to leave a comment describing your experience if you visit any of the roasters on our list!

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