January 12, 2021


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Our team is passionate about coffee. We enjoy sampling beans from different countries and experimenting with roasting and brewing methods. It's an exciting journey. We want you to travel the interesting world of coffee with us.

Our mission: To help you find the best freshly roasted beans to brew delicious coffee.

We started our journey by buying coffee from large companies and even ordering beans from different countries. But the taste of our drinks upset us. Every cup was flat and almost identical.

The beans lost their freshness in transit and on store shelves, so we lost the rich taste of a good cup of coffee.

How do we get the freshest beans?

Local coffee roasters became our salvation. Now, we either pick up the beans on the day of roasting or receive them in the mail just a few days later.

Our goal: To enjoy the entire coffee-making process.

The goal of coffee roasters is to bring out the individual flavor of each bean. This matches our desire to enjoy every cup of coffee.

We love that local roasters aren't distant, soulless firms. They're close to home and contribute to the local economy. Each has its own story and customers who are madly in love with the business. When you buy beans from local roasters, you write their story with them.

Our team found the path to the best cup of coffee, and we decided that such a pleasure shouldn't be hidden. We needed to tell as many people as possible.

We want to help other passionate coffee lovers. Saying "Buy coffee from local roasters" wasn't enough—we created Coffiery so you can quickly find the best local roasters near you.