Best Coffee Roasters in Illinois

This is our list of the best coffee roasters in Illinois in 2022.

The people of Illinois are spoiled for choice among coffee shops and coffee roasters.

Most shops and roasteries are concentrated in Chicago, but you can also find excellent coffee elsewhere.

We found local roasters where you can buy a variety of beans from all over the world.

Here's our list of the best in Illinois.

Let’s get started.

The Best Coffee Roasters in Illinois


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1. The Coffee & Tea Exchange

Address: 3311 N Broadway Chicago, IL 60657

"Just cant get enough The Coffee & Tea Exchange, this coffee has become MY all time favorite. I have ordered this several times, a few different varieties of The Coffee & Tea Exchange as well, and each bag is plainly marked by The Coffee & Tea Exchange with its freshness dates, and I have never received any "old" coffee yet. I'll keep ordering this when they have it in stock, and yes, seems it clears out of stock regularly. Enjoy!"

2. Sputnik Coffee Company

Address: 2057 W 51st St Chicago, IL 60609

"We met one of the owners at Tensuke Market in Elk Grove, where we had our first Sputnik experience. As soon as I opened up the grinder, I knew I'd struck gold. This roast is a great morning pick-me-up, and you can't beat the price. I've become one of those grind-your-own-coffee guys and I couldn't be happier."

3. Printer's Row Coffee

Address: 2482 N Lincoln Ave Chicago, IL 60614

"This coffee is just amazing. I have ordered three times so far and will continue to do so. It is smooth with a full-bodied flavor and minimal bitterness. Oh, and kiss the jitters goodbye! I highly recommend this coffee!"

4. Big Shoulders Coffee

Address: 1105 W Chicago Ave Chicago, IL 60642

"A very pretty, balanced espresso blend that runs through all the notes: sweet-tart, chocolaty, nutty, floral."

5. Groundswell Coffee Roasters

Address: 4839 N Damen Ave Chicago, IL 60625

"Use these coffee beans with my Breville Espresso machine and it’s delicious! I’m very particular about my coffee. I don’t like bitter, sour, weak, or burnt flavors from my coffee beans, and this coffee is none of those things, while still being a very robust, strong coffee. It’s incredibly smooth and the crema is always dark and rich, which I love. I highly recommend if you like a smooth, but robust coffee."

How Can You Find Specialty Coffee In Illinois?

Coffee isn't just a drink—it's a whole world of vivid taste sensations.

One of the main factors that impacts coffee is the freshness of the beans. Beans stay fresh for two months after roasting, but finding fresh coffee in stores can be difficult.

There's a solution: Buy specialty coffee in Illinois from local roasters.

Roasters' goal is to create a product that will help you experience all the facets of the coffee's taste.

Local roasters select the most interesting, aromatic, delicious varieties from North and South America, Africa, India, Indonesia, and other coffee-producing corners of the world. Then they blend and roast the beans.

To give your cup of joe notes of caramel, chocolate, nougat, cookies, berries, flowers, or citrus, coffee roasters experiment with roast profiles and degrees of roasting. They highlight the beans' strengths and mask their weaknesses.

Unlike large coffee producers, local roasters work directly with farmers.

Their main priority is the quality of the coffee. This is why local roasters work with reliable suppliers. They support the best manufacturers with a transparent and fair supply chain.

What does this mean? The farmers get a great price for their coffee, and you get the best product.

How can you buy beans from local coffee roasters?

If you find a coffee roaster near your home, you can buy beans they day they're roasted.

Small-batch production means you always get fresh coffee. Beans are usually roasted twice a week and are immediately shipped to fulfill orders.

Many roasters allow you to subscribe to a coffee delivery plan. Every month, the right amount of your favorite beans will arrive at your doorstep. will help you find the best coffee roasters among the huge number of offers in Illinois.

Who Are The Best Coffee Roasters in Illinois?

It doesn't matter in which city in Illinois you are in, it's can be Chicago, Peoria, Rockford, Elgin, Naperville. You'll find the best coffee roasters in different locations where you can buy freshly roasted coffee beans. Local roasters The Coffee & Tea Exchange, Stivers Coffee, Fratelli Coffee Co, The Expresso Shoppe Inc have interesting varieties of beans.

There are also coffee shops (Groundswell Coffee Roasters, Dark Matter Coffee - The Mothership, Metric Coffee, Colectivo Coffee Roasters, Big Shoulders Coffee) that roast the beans themselves. You can not only enjoy your coffee, but you can also buy beans to make at home. It doesn't matter how you spend your free time: walking in Illinois Beach State Park, Starved Rock State Park, Matthiessen State Park, Pere Marquette State Park, Rock Cut State Park, picnics on Lake Defiance, Defiance Lake, Sand Pond, Chain O'Lakes, Turner Lake or active shopping in the Shoppes At College Hills, Forest Plaza, North State, Perryville, Eastland Mall. After that, these coffee shops will be waiting for you for a delicious cup of freshly roasted coffee.

If you don't have time to travel to restock your coffee, some roasters for example, Gaslight Coffee Roasters, Sputnik Coffee Company, Maple Leaf Coffee Roasters, Old Chicago Coffee, Sparrow Coffee Roastery delivers freshly roasted beans to your home quickly. If you are interested in buying coffee for your coffee shop or store, then Caffe Umbria at 2545 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, Printer's Row Coffee at 2482 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, Groundswell Coffee Roasters at 4839 N Damen Ave, Chicago, Passion House Cafe at 2631 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago, Tala Coffee Roasters - Highwood Cafe at 428 Green Bay Rd, Ste B, Highwood roast beans in bulk.

Any surrounding cities?

Are there more States where I can find coffee roasters?

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