Best Coffee Roasters in Florida

This is our list of the best coffee roasters in Florida in 2022.

Anyone who has seen wild coffee trees in Florida is asking the question: Why don't people grow coffee for sale here?

The answer is that Florida has large fluctuations in temperature and seasonal humidity. Even if you saved coffee trees from frost, the beans wouldn't make good-tasting coffee.

But you can easily find good freshly roasted coffee in the state.

We've done some research and compiled a list of the best coffee roasters so you know where to buy beans in Florida.

Check it out.

The Best Coffee Roasters in Florida

Each of Florida's best coffee roasters can ship coffee that you order online. Also, we've added quick-glance details about the roasters for clarity.


lifeboost medium roast

Lifeboost coffee is one of the healthiest and smoothest coffees we've ever tried. Its ultra-low acidity is ideal for people with stomach or digestive problems. Combine this with a rich, full-bodied taste, and Lifeboost coffee is a pleasure that you will look forward to every day.

Key Features
• 100% natural inadvertent low acid Arabica beans
• USDA organic, mycotoxin and pesticide free certified
• All roasts available

Panther coffee photo

Location: Miami, FL

Certifications: Fair trade, direct trade

Coffee Subscription: Starting at $17

Shipping: Shipping via USPS. No free shipping.

This company was founded in 2010 as a local specialty coffee roaster and wholesale and retail seller. Later, Panther Coffee opened a coffee shop so a wider audience could taste its coffee.

Panther Coffee is fair trade and direct trade certified. This means it works directly with coffee farmers and provides them with fair pay and support. For the company, this makes it possible to independently choose coffee for roasting, get more information about the coffee, and monitor its quality.

Panther Coffee buys beans from the best coffee-growing countries. You can try its single-origin coffee beans from Ethiopia, Kenya, Colombia, Guatemala, and Brazil, as well as its espresso coffee blends.

The roastery is located at 5934 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127. You can order coffee online and it will be roasted and shipped to your address within 1–2 business days.

Panther Coffee also has 6 coffee shops in Miami where you can taste their coffee. It also provides training that covers brewing coffee and the basics of specialty coffee culture.

Wells coffee photo

Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Certifications: Swiss Water Decaf

Coffee Subscription: 5 types of subscriptions. Starting at $15.

Shipping: Delivery to the USA, Canada, UK, and Mexico. No free shipping.

Wells Coffee Company was founded in 2013, but the company truly became a local roaster in 2016 when it moved into its own space.

Wells Coffee is now a small-batch roaster in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Its assortment of coffee is not large, but this has its advantages—it is easier for a small company to monitor the quality of each coffee.

Wells sells freshly roasted coffee in bulk to cafés, restaurants, hotels, and other locations in the South and Central Florida areas. Their bulk coffees come in 3-pound and 5-pound bags.

Wells Coffee divides its coffees into single-origin coffees and blends, and also offers special espresso coffees. The company maintains direct relationships with coffee farmers.

You can order freshly roasted coffee online. The company roasts coffee Tuesday through Friday. If you order on Monday after 3 pm, the coffee will be roasted by Friday of the next week.

Sweetwater Organic Coffee photo

Location: Gainesville, FL

Certifications: USDA Organic, fair trade, B Corporation certified, Swiss Water Decaf

Coffee Subscription: Starting at $13

Shipping: Free shipping over $50

As its name suggests, this company specializes in sourcing and roasting organic green coffee beans. But this is not enough for Sweetwater Organic Coffee. The company also aims to source great coffee beans that are shade-grown at high elevations.

It's all about taste. The higher the elevation at which coffee grows, the more sugars and acids are concentrated in it, which makes the taste more complex. And growing coffee in the shade gives the berries a slower ripening rate, which allows the coffee beans to store more nutrients.

The taste of shade-grown coffee is very different from that of regular coffee. Even if you are not a coffee connoisseur, you will notice the difference.

But such coffee is difficult to grow—the plantations are difficult to reach, and growing coffee in the shade means you must harvest by hand instead of using technology.

Therefore, it is important for coffee roasters to maintain direct relationships with farmers and adequately pay the plantation workers. Sweetwater Organic Coffee does this. The company is fair trade certified and is also a member of Cooperative Coffees. This organization was created to support small coffee farmers.

Sweetwater Organic Coffee has a large assortment of coffees with high-grade specialty coffee scores.

Lineage Coffee photo

Location: Orlando, FL

Certifications: None

Coffee Subscription: Starting at $14

Shipping: Delivery to USA, Brazil, Canada, and the UK. No free shipping.

Lineage Coffee Roasting is a small-batch local coffee roaster in Orlando, FL.

The company was founded in 2012 by Jarrett and Justine Johnson. They reached the commercial level in 2013.

In 2015, team members began to travel to coffee-producing countries and build relationships with coffee farmers from Kenya, Ethiopia, Colombia, Guatemala, and Brazil. Lineage Coffee Roasters has been working with many of the same farmers to this day.

The company is interesting because it specializes in single-origin coffees. It is interested in how the taste profiles of coffee from different farms—even farms within the same country—are revealed.

And it shares this knowledge with you. Lineage Coffee Roasting provides highly detailed information on the cultivation and processing of its coffee, right down to the farm on which it is grown.

Strongtree Coffee photo

Location: Gainesville, FL

Certifications: Fair trade, direct trade, Swiss Water Decaf

Coffee Subscription: Several types of subscriptions. Starting at $15.

Shipping: Free shipping on orders over $50. Delivery throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Strongtree is an experienced coffee roaster. Its history dates back to 1999.

The company works with 9 small coffee farms that cultivate 100% Arabica, GMO-free beans. On its website, it has short stories about each farm. If you are a coffee drinker who wants to know all about the origin of your coffee, this will interest you.

Strongtree Coffee Roasters offers 11 single-origin coffees, 14 artisan blends, and 3 Swiss Water-processed decaf coffees. This large assortment will satisfy even the most avid coffee lover.

How Can You Find Specialty Coffee In Florida?

Coffee isn't just a drink—it's a whole world of vivid taste sensations.

One of the main factors that impacts coffee is the freshness of the beans. Beans stay fresh for two months after roasting, but finding fresh coffee in stores can be difficult.

There's a solution: Buy specialty coffee in Florida from local roasters.

Roasters' goal is to create a product that will help you experience all the facets of the coffee's taste.

Local roasters select the most interesting, aromatic, delicious varieties from North and South America, Africa, India, Indonesia, and other coffee-producing corners of the world. Then they blend and roast the beans.

To give your cup of joe notes of caramel, chocolate, nougat, cookies, berries, flowers, or citrus, coffee roasters experiment with roast profiles and degrees of roasting. They highlight the beans' strengths and mask their weaknesses.

Unlike large coffee producers, local roasters work directly with farmers.

Their main priority is the quality of the coffee. This is why local roasters work with reliable suppliers. They support the best manufacturers with a transparent and fair supply chain.

What does this mean? The farmers get a great price for their coffee, and you get the best product.

How can you buy beans from local coffee roasters?

If you find a coffee shop near your home, you can buy beans they day they're roasted.

Small-batch production means you always get fresh coffee. Beans are usually roasted twice a week and are immediately shipped to fulfill orders.

Many roasters allow you to subscribe to a coffee delivery plan. Every month, the right amount of your favorite beans will arrive at your doorstep. will help you find the best coffee roasters among the huge number of offers in Florida.

You Can Contribute!

There is a wide range of coffee roasters in Florida. While we reviewed our favorite roasters, there's always a chance we missed some good ones.

If you have favorites and want to share, leave a comment below. We'd love for you to give us the name of your favorite roaster and their best coffee so we can give it a try!

This way, you can become part of our coffee community and contribute to the improvement of the coffee roasting industry.

We'd also love for you to leave a comment describing your experience if you visit any of the roasters on our list!

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